RHB Trial package OEM:

Professional trial bag filling and sealing one-piece molding, daily necessities, cosmetics sample package valet filling.

Trial package factory:

Professional material production packaging one-stop

Trial package production:

RHB uses 316 stainless steel, cosmetic-grade automatic continuous filling sample packaging machine, filling the edge of the bag, and printing the date. The cosmetic trial bag and the carry-on bag are filled, the aseptic packaging is filled, the valet is filled with the sample bag, and a small amount is Can be filled, filled with a minimum dose of 1-20ml.

Trial pack filling price:

A small amount of filling is 5000 packs~, the price of aluminum bags is 1.0~1.2 yuan, and the foundry fee is 3 yuan.
The general filling quantity is 20,000 packs to discuss above, and the price is competitive.

Dosage form:

Essence test kit, cream trial kit, shampoo trial kit,,,, facial cleanser trial kit

Dosage form:

Single filling, no broken bag material, cheap, punctual, fast, good quality, can be filled with a small amount of 1ml or more.

Trial package:

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