About RHB
RHB based on science and technology as foundation to develop a wide range of high quality dermatology, health and beauty care products. We have experiences and committed in skincare & cosmetic industry for over 18 years. We constantly improve our quality and productivity with effective management methods. Based on our expertise in the skin (cell, structure and etc) and the regeneration principle of post-aesthetic, we customize effective, high quality and convenient skincare products for our customers by using hypoallergenic and low irritation ingredients as raw materials. We established excellent reputation in OEM and ODM services.

RHB means: Bringing out the natural Radiance of your skin; Healthy skin solutions; True promise Beauty. 18 year ago, our company has switched from medical/pharmaceutical industry to skincare & cosmetic industry. We have achieved good results from the OEM services to our own brand, RHB, over the years. We have successfully assisted many well-known enterprises in product planning and OEM services. However, we still often reflect ourselves and get ourselves ready to push further.

Our Mission and Vision
Excellent entrepreneurship and technology are the driving forces for RHB to improve and progress continuously. We look forward to establish long term business relationship with every customer based on mutual trust and grow our business together with sustainable development. Even though we have been well recognized in the industry and by our customers, we will continue to achieve a higher level.
Moreover, RHB is completely aware of the needs of society and dedicate into social responsibility, giving back to the community and often contribute to the charity.
What RHB Believes
Consumers usually have misconception that all the chemical or cosmetic raw materials are in very low cost originally. However, the cheap ingredients have the high possibilities to cause skin allergy, irritation or some can even affect your health and internal organs such as liver and kidney. Therefore, the selection of reliable and good quality raw materials is very important. Nevertheless, most of the high quality ingredients could be very expensive due to its availability or the technology used to retrieve them. We hope our consumers do not only focus on the price but put more attention on the true quality of the products. RHB built its reputation upon high quality products and this is also what RHB truly believes in.

RHB is professional skincare and cosmetic OEM (original equipment manufacturer). RHB also research and develop on natural dermatology & sensitive skincare products and organic personal care & body cleanse products. RHB provides the services as below: 1. Skincare and cosmetic products OEM, ODM and OBM. 2. Product planning and development, package design and printing, brand design and development. 3. Medical aesthetic skin care products, dermatology and sensitive skincare products, professional salon skincare products and pharmacy skincare products. 4. Television home shopping and online shopping products. 5. Customized research, development and manufacturing. 6. Application of import certificate to several countries. All the RHB skincare and personal care products are manufacture with standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure quality and efficient production. The manufacturing plant equipped with automated and semi-automated equipment. Welcome to contact us at 07-3960038, Radiant Health Bio-Tech (RHB) is at your service. It is our pleasure to serve you better
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