Skin care OEM, innovation and R&D 
RHB has its own laboratory and manufacturing plant. RHB has more than 15 years of experiences in medical dermatology skincare as OEM. We constantly develop new products, optimize the production, and improve the process and quality. Besides skincare and cosmetic products, RHB also develop a series of personal care and hygiene products based on natural plant extracts for OEM, ODM and OBM services. The ingredients used are safe and hypoallergenic. The products consist of daily household cleaning products, daily commodities and necessities, personal care products, mouthwash (alcohol free). 

• In 2005, RHB developed various new technologies and applications for skincare products for OEM services.
• In 2005, RHB focused in skin physiology and health. Developed formulas based on low-irritation and hypoallergenic ingredients.
• In 2011, RHB continued to work on the best formulation for skin. Organic and pure products are developed based on natural plant extracts such as natural disinfectant, mouthwash, fruits and vegetable wash, deodorant and etc.
• In 2013, Taiwan was granted special recommendations for “RHB natural disinfectant” from Disease Control, Department of Health and Epidemic Prevention.
• In 2014, RHB developed innovative formula without any additives or chemical preservatives. The shelf life is at least 2 years.
• In 2015, RHB constantly improve internal management system and quality. Donate to charity and non-profit organization.
• In 2016, developed intimate wash for men and women based on plant extracts. RHB awarded with Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) in Taiwan.
• In September 2016, RHB is certified by TÜV Rheinland for safety and quality of RHB new and existing products, system and services.

RHB Management Philosophy

RHB Strength
․ RHB provides "high efficient, innovation, research" OEM skin care products with strict quality control.
․ RHB develops the products from variety of natural herbs that are safe, do not harm the skin, hypoallergenic and low irritation.
․ RHB medical dermatology products are manufactured with latest biotechnology technologies.
․ RHB products remain high competitiveness in all aspects such as facial mask OEM, medical dermatology skin care products OEM, cosmetics OEM, technology, packaging, equipment and raw materials.

RHB is a skincare original equipment manufacturer. RHB specialized in medical dermatology skincare products. RHB manufacturing plant is certified by ISO22716. RHB products are verified and certified by SGS for anti-bacterial efficacy and heavy metal detection test. Skincare and cosmetics OEM process: R&D, scale-up, manufacturing, filling, packaging and post-processing services.
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