RHB Natural Disinfectant & Anti-Bacterial Solution
No alcohol and chlorine content
Natural plant extracts, environmental friendly and safe

【Ingredients】Pure water, bioflavonoids, green tea, vegetable glycerol and vitamin C

【Safety】No alcohol, cationic compounds, chlorine and artificial coloring content; Non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemical substances. Non-carcinogenic, no genetic mutations and genotoxicity and it is biodegradable.
This product will starts to take effect from 7 to 15 minutes after application. The best effect can be last up to 2 hours, and the biofilm formed can extend the antibacterial effect up to 48 hours. Rinsing is not required after used. Non-volatile, non-corrosive, does not damage the equipment or react with any materials.

【Suitable Applications】
Beauty salon/facilities, food & beverage industry, skincare & cosmetics industry, catering industry, lounge, audiovisual center, hotel, motel, automotive compartments, public facilities, diffuser machine, infant/children products, childcare, hospital and clinic, non-alcoholic/Halal certified food & beverage industry, restaurants and etc.

RHB natural disinfectant has anti-bacterial efficancy of 99.9% as reported by SGS test results. It has proven to have "fast & long-term" and "wide range" of antibacterial effect. Can be safely use for hygiene purposes and disinfection of the environment and equipment/apparatus. Do not need to rinse after applications. It is tasteless, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, do not cause irritation and allergy.

Storage: Tightened the bottle cap and store under room temperature in a cool shaded place.

Capacity: 1 L and 4 L bottle; 500 mL spray bottle

Specifications: Pure plant extracts anti-bacterial disinfectant
Shelf life: 3 years

Note: Soak application must use a sealed container and do not soak more than 48 hours. It is a normal phenomenon to observe brownish sediment/precipitate in the pure plant extract solution, please feel at ease to use as it is completely safe.
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